Cannabis Waste Opportunity

The cannabis industry is currently suffering from a systematic waste issue.

Companies are spending millions if not billions of dollars throughout North America to remove the waste product from their facilities which then end up at a landfill.

We’re looking to change the status quo.

Evolution of Waste in Cannabis


The major focus of the cannabis market has evolved over the last five years, starting with

  • Production (LPs)
  • Processors
  • Distribution and
  • Edible markets

This evolution has been in step with government regulations (MMPR, ACMPR and Canadian Cannabis Act). With each step, different types of market opportunity have developed, but one major gap underrepresented is waste management of cannabis and added value production and capture from discarded waste.

CSS’ mission is the development of technologies for the management and processing of biological waste from LPs and other producers. To this end, CSS plans to develop IP in the up-cycling of biological waste from cannabis and industrial hemp. IP development will focus on the following areas:

  • On site Storage (ensure no decrease in quality of waste)
  • Secure transport of Regulated waste
  • Pre-process
  • Extraction
  • Purification
  • Fibre separation
  • Mature stem pulping
  • Energy production and
  • Fertilizer production

We plan on developing a robust IP portfolio. Our corner stone technology is in the area of processing and extraction of Health Canada regulated material and waste (USPPA submitted). The development of a novel extraction system, which can process waste cost effectively of large volumes of biological material for the isolation of high-value chemicals. Other R&D efforts will be focused on gaps demonstrated by current LP operations to ensure a seamless transition from current cannabis waste practices to CSS developed handling and processing of biological waste.