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November 3, 2021

Vancouver, British Columbia – TheNewswire – November 3, 2021 – Gaia Grow Corp. (the “Company” or “Gaia”) (CNSX:GAIA.CN) (Frankfurt:GG0) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Edmonton-based Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (“CSS”), in collaboration with Enagon Inc. (“Enagon”), has completed phase 1 of the development of novel bio-composites using Enagon’s proprietary processed hemp biomass (both bast and hurd). The project was conducted at InnoTech Alberta’s Bio-Industrial Services facilities and is critical for CSS’ research & development efforts in creating added value from cannabis and industrial hemp.

Both Canna Stream and Enagon will continue to further develop the creation of a truly renewable and biodegradable bio-composite.

Interest in industrial applications of bio-composites is growing rapidly for applications such as automobiles, aerospace, construction, military applications, packaging, railway coach, and fundamental research. The benefits of bio-composites, including being renewable, cheap, recyclable, and possibly biodegradable fuels increased market interest. In addition, environmental concerns and the cost of synthetic fibres stimulate the use of natural fibre as reinforcement in polymeric composites. Biofibres are the principal components of bio-composites, which are derived from biological origins, for example fibres from crops such as cotton, flax or hemp, recycled wood, wastepaper, crop processing by-products or regenerated cellulose fibre. Advocates of bio-composites state that use of these materials improve health and safety in their production, are lighter in weight and are environmentally superior to traditional sources. This is consistent with the results of this project. The color of bioproducts changes with the biocomponents and their concentrations in the formulations. This could potentially be used for designing bioproduct parts with various colors. This development would create added value from cannabis and industrial hemp as well as a future opportunity for CSS to enter into new markets and grow their business.

About Canna Stream Solutions Ltd.

CSS is developing critical technologies for storing, transporting, and processing cannabis waste (physical and chemical). Most notably, they have filed a US provisional patent application in the chemical extraction and fractionation of Cannabinoids and monoterpenes from cannabis flower and biomass utilizing their solvent system that is significantly more efficient than ethanol. This gives CSS the ability to significantly manage costs of high throughput processing and extraction of cannabis and hemp biomass. (under development)

About Enagon, Inc.

Enagon, Inc. is an exclusive joint-venture partner of GAIA’s.  It is a privately held Alberta corporation which owns the Canadian IP to a specialized “mill” machine.  Through the Joint Venture, Enagon has helped to invest in and develop Gaia’s bale-breaking and separating line in Lacombe, Alberta.  This bale breaking facility has custom-built machinery where hemp bales are mechanically separated into “straw”, “hurd”, “shiv” and CBD-rich flower components. Enagon’s proprietary technology is high-capacity and consistently operates between 0.5 -1 tonne per hour, and has been shown to consistently to increase the cannabinoid content of dried, finished flower product by 300%, thereby converting low-cannabinoid industrial hemp into more economically-viable feedstock, making it more attractive and economical for extractors to process. This bale-breaking, drying and conditioning process quickly and efficiently separates each revenue-generating portion of the hemp bale with the intent of maximizing the profitability of Gaia’s harvested hemp crops and will be open to toll processing third-party hemp product in 2022. (under development)

About Innotech Alberta

InnoTech Alberta is and has been the heart of Alberta’s innovation engine since 1921. From generating new ideas to testing, mitigating risk, and helping businesses and industries scale up their processes and products, InnoTech’s work focuses on productive commercial applications. InnoTech has the capacity, tools, and expertise to solve whatever challenges our partners and clients face.

InnoTech Alberta has over one million square feet of research and lab space and 600 acres of farmland to enable accelerated technology research, development, and deployment of new solutions. InnoTech’s research facilities range from bench scale to greenhouses, pilot facilities, demonstration equipment and near-commercial scale operations. For more information, please visit  

About Gaia Grow Corp

Gaia Grow Corp is an Alberta-based vertically-integrated licensed hemp company with subsidiaries licensed for cannabis and hemp processing, extraction, product formulation, novel product development and cannabis retail.  For more information about the Company, please visit

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