Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (“CSS”), is pleased to welcome Dr. Hamdam Gaminian to the CSS product development team through the support of Mitacs Accelerate program.

Written by Canna Stream Solutions

September 6, 2022

 Dr. Gaminian has extensive knowledge and expertise in textile chemistry and fibre science engineering. Dr. Gaminian will lead CSS’ biomass product development of antibacterial fibres from organic waste streams from cannabis and agricultural-based hemp. Her work will focus on the  engineering, and manufacturing of textiles from these fibres. This paves the way for the development of novel Intellectual Property and products in the areas of personal care, cosmetics, and biomedical applications. 

She completed her Ph.D. program at the Department of Textile Engineering at Amir Kabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. Her doctorate thesis entitled “Surface modification of cellulose nanofiber by silver and carbon nanoparticles for the production of high conductive carbon nanofibers for electrochemical applications”.

During her Ph.D. thesis, she joined Professor Frank Ko’s group in 2018 as a visiting research scientist at the University of British Columbia. She conducted several projects on improving electrospun lignocellulosic nanofibers. Her research was focused on biomass processing and development of novel, eco-friendly applications from renewable and sustainable bioresources such as cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) and lignin. In addition, Dr Gaminian has vast experience in different textile industries including companies like Laramob Textile and Zarrin Roya where she held the position of director for commercialization. 

“CSS is proud to be the recipient of funding through Mitacs Accelerate – a program that pairs researchers from postsecondary institutions with industry – to support Dr. Gaminian’s work to develop novel applications for upcycling cannabis fibres. She will be collaborating with Professor Sharon Regan at Queen’s University. The addition of Dr. Gaminian to our team is invaluable and brings us closer to producing products from upcycled cannabis waste streams.” 

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