Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (CSS) is excited to announce the completion of a TACiv project to develop novel nano-emulsion technology for the deliver cannabinoids. 

Written by Canna Stream Solutions

October 6, 2022

Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (“CSS”) has completed the project for the development of novel nano-emulsion technology for the delivery of cannabinoids. CSS is excited about this technology because it will allow for the production of water-soluble cannabinoids and the expansion of CSS’ Intellectual Property portfolio. This project was supported by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Tech-Access Canada, and its Interactive Visits (TACiv) program. CSS worked with the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis at Loyalist College, Ontario, to achieve this goal. 

“The potential of this technology in the cannabis space is very positive, and we are excited to continue the work and bring our innovation to market,” says CSS CEO Usukuma Ekuere.

About Tech-Access Canada 

Tech-Access Canada is the national network of Canada’s 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs). The network enables the TACs to serve any company, anywhere in Canada, and helps them access the expertise, equipment, and facilities they need to solve their innovation challenges.  

About the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis

Loyalist College’s Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis is an innovation hub helping industry collaborate with academia to transform the results of research into high-quality, consistent and safe products. The Centre specializes in working with start-ups and small and medium enterprises in the natural products and cannabis sectors, to help them develop, scale-up and commercialize their ideas, products, and processes.

About Canna Stream Solutions Ltd.

CSS is developing critical technologies for storing, transporting and processing of cannabis waste (physical and chemical). Most notably, they have filed a US and Canadian patent application for the chemical extraction and fractionation of Cannabinoids and monoterpenes from cannabis flower and biomass utilizing their solvent technology, which is significantly more efficient than ethanol. This gives CSS the ability to significantly manage costs of high throughput processing and extraction of cannabis and Hemp biomass. For more information about the company, please visit

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