Canna Stream Solutions Ltd. (CSS) is excited to announce receiving $62,750 in financial support from Alberta Innovates r&D Associate Program.

Written by Canna Stream Solutions

September 26, 2022

About the project

Alberta Innovates funding is supporting Dr Behzad Ahvazi of CSS in the scale-up of our green extraction technology (patent pending) for extraction of high-value chemicals from cannabis (i.e., THC and CBD) and hemp (i.e., CBD). This extraction system has a higher throughput and lower operational costs than current commercially available systems. The project’s significant deliverables are both the commercialization of CSS’ technology in collaboration with a Health Canada approved cannabis processor and expanding IP protection of CSS’ processing technology. ‘This financial support will go a long way to optimizing our novel extraction technology’ says CSS CEO, Usukuma Ekuere.

About Benji Ahvazi

Dr. Behzad Ahvazi completed his Bachelor of Science in Honours program at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and graduated with distinction at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec. His Ph.D. program was completed in 1998 at McGill Pulp and Paper Research Centre in macromolecules with solid background in lignocellulosic materials. Dr. Ahvazi is a chemist with over 25 years of experience with expertise in added value processing in plant materials. His research has focused on green technologies for converting and processing biomass components from sustainable, renewable agricultural and forestry resources into creating value-added, novel bioproducts. He has held numerous positions in R&D departments for private and government research facilities. Dr. Ahvazi was also an adjunct professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta

About Alberta Innovates 

Alberta Innovates is the province’s largest and Canada’s first provincial research and innovation agency. For a century they have worked closely with researchers, companies and entrepreneurs – trailblazers who built industries and strengthened communities. Today they are pivoting to the next frontier of opportunity in Alberta and worldwide by driving emerging technologies across sectors. They are a provincial corporation delivering seed funding, business advice, applied research and technical services, and avenues for partnership and collaboration

About Canna Stream Solutions Ltd.

CSS is developing critical technologies for storing, transporting, and processing cannabis waste (physical and chemical). Most notably, they have filed a US and Canadian patent application in the chemical extraction and fractionation of Cannabinoids and monoterpenes from cannabis flower and biomass utilizing their solvent technology that is significantly more efficient than ethanol. This allows CSS to substantially manage the costs of high throughput processing and extraction of cannabis and hemp biomass. For more information about the company, please visit

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